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Instructions for donations with tax benefits


Make a donation of up to 5% of the net taxable profit by bank transfer to the following account: Banco Santander Río: CBU 0720174120000037289418. (In case the donation is in another medium, it will be attended personally)


Fill in the data for your receipt with the following form:


What regulations govern donations from legal entities to non-profit entities?

The Income Tax Law (No. 20628) and Regulatory Decree 648/97 (art. 81 c)

What resolution enabled CO-CREAR to receive deductible donations?

Procedure established in AFIP General Resolution 2681, Certificate No.: 855/2021/010177/1

How much can be donated to a non-profit entity?

There is no set cap. In the event that a civil association receives more than $200,000, it must present an affidavit before the General Inspectorate of Justice.

How much can the company deduct on its Income Tax return?

Up to 5 percent of the Taxable Net Income can be deducted.

What is the effect of a donation on the amount to be paid for Income Tax?

The amount of a donation is deducted from the Company's Balance Sheet. Thus, by reducing the Net Taxable Income, it indirectly reduces the amount paid as Income Tax.

What would be the benefits for a donor?

In addition to the satisfaction of donating to a non-profit institution whose work is valued as socially useful, the donating company could, if it wanted, coordinate with CO-CREATE the destination of the donation through the signing of a Donation Agreement Act .

What activities cannot be carried out with donation funds?

Party activities, or proselytizing of any kind, or the dissemination of commercial articles, or that include or suggest discriminatory, violent acts or that could hurt national, ethnic or religious sensitivities may not be carried out.

Will CO-CREATE issue a formal receipt certifying the donation?

Yes. CO-CREAR will issue an AFIP Receipt C for the total amount of the donation, in the name of the donor, including the following data: CUIT of the donor, full address (street, number, zip code, town, province), type of donation ( money or goods of another type), means of payment, CBU from which the transfer was made, date and amount.

How should companies report the donation made?

The company must report the deduction made when making the DDJJ of the Income Tax.

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