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Terms and Conditions
AFIP Certificate

It is hereby stated that this certificate does not exempt the subject from its obligation to act as withholding and/or information agent, as appropriate.

The acknowledgment made will lose validity and the subject will cease to be exempt in the event that this Agency proves falsehood in the elements provided and/or violation of the statutory regulations and legal provisions and/or that it does not comply with the conditions that gave rise to said acknowledgment. , all without prejudice to the penalties and/or responsibilities that may correspond.

Any modification of the statutes that govern it must be reported within the month following that in which it occurred.

As of the publication of this document on the website of the FEDERAL PUBLIC REVENUE ADMINISTRATION (, the certificate of recognition that has been issued in a timely manner is void.

Likewise, third parties are obliged, in all cases, to verify on the web page of this Agency ( the exempt status of the beneficiary of this certificate, and donors must adjust to the provisions of General Resolution No. 2681 (AFIP).

This certificate does not preclude the obligation to submit affidavits of Income Tax under art. 2nd and 3rd of the Regulatory Decree of the Income Tax Law, text ordered in 1997 and its modifications, as well as other information or sworn statements that may correspond, in accordance with the provisions on the matter, nor to consult the institutional page of the AFIP.

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