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Your company, an environmental partner 

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¡Invitamos a ser Padrino de Árboles !
Beneficios Impositivos y Compromiso Ambiental
¿Por qué ser un Padrino de Árboles?
Utilizando distintas herramientas logramos solventar Forestaciones masivas, en las que participan Municipio, Ongs, Escuelas, Empresas que apadrinan y voluntarios comprometidos, creemos en la responsabilidad compartida para preservar nuestro entorno natural y construir un futuro sostenible.
Nuestros proyectos de forestación no solo benefician al medio ambiente, sino también a las comunidades locales y a las empresas que se unen a nuestra causa.

¿Qué reciben las empresas que apadrinan árboles?
Beneficios Impositivos: Contamos con exención impositiva con inciso "F" lo que permite que cada donación sea deducible del impuesto a las ganancias. Esto significa que cada donación se verá reflejada en cantidad de árboles plantados, su contribución no solo beneficia al medio ambiente, sino que también tiene ventajas fiscales.

Certificado Forestal: Su empresa recibirá un certificado con la cantidad de árboles apadrinados. Este certificado incluye compensación estimada de carbono y mapa virtual mostrando la ubicación individual exacta (a través de plataforma ESRI) Así, podrán seguir el progreso de los árboles que han apadrinado.

Voluntariado Corporativo: También tienen la oportunidad de involucrar a sus colaboradores en eventos de forestación.

Informe con Fotografías:  enviaremos un informe detallado que incluye imágenes de los árboles apto para compartir en medios de comunicación, mejorando la imagen y reputación de su empresa.

Difusión en Medios: Reconoceremos públicamente a las empresas patrocinadoras en nuestros canales de comunicación. Esto les brindará visibilidad y demostrará su compromiso con el medio ambiente.

Forestaciones programadas en distintas localidades y tienen la posibilidad de ser Padrinos de "arboles ya plantados".

Donations with tax benefits

By donating to our Foundation, they help us finance the projects that we articulate to propose a change of perspective, where environmental awareness and responsibility is a benefit for both the community and private companies. The State today enables us an alternative to obtain resources, through the formation of alliances between the private sector and non-profit civil associations.

Donaciones con beneficios tributarios

We are a civil non-profit organization, in which we promote awareness of a friendlier world with the ecosystem and the concept of sustainability, where eco-diversity coexists in balance. Our commitment is that this balance is governed by the concept of Social Responsibility, thus supplying initiatives that collaborate with the most vulnerable sectors of our society. From that place is where we can address the economic problems that Argentina is going through in this delicate historical moment.

By virtue of the foregoing, we invite you to collaborate with our non-profit organization, with a contribution that will be deductible in your income tax balance, respecting all the conditions that the law imposes on us:


  • It is verified that the entity receiving the donation:

  1. Is exempt from Income Tax.

  2. Possesses a Valid Exemption Certificate (which includes the express authorization of the AFIP in subsection "c" of article 81 of the Income Law).

  • It is previously verified that the funds or assets to be donated are justified in your tax balance; otherwise, the donation becomes a violation of the Money Laundering Prevention Law.

  • The maximum amount of deduction is 5% of the net taxable income for the year (whatever exceeds this value cannot be deducted).

  • The delivery of the donated goods is made:

  1. Money: bank delivery (deposit in account, electronic transfer and/or credit or debit card).

  2. Movable property: delivery with documentary support such as notes, delivery notes, private contracts or similar papers that document the donation.

  3. Properties: delivery made by notarial public deed.

  • Once the donation is made, it is reported in your affidavit of Earnings (for each donation): date, CUIT of the donee, amount donated, bank information of the delivery.

  • Finally, and by provisions of the Financial Information Unit (UIF):

  1. If the amount of the donation exceeds $200,000, a DDJJ of “Legal Origin of Funds” is presented to the Foundation.

  2. If the amount of the donation exceeds $400,000, it must be submitted to the DDJJ Foundation of “Legal Origin of Funds” + Supporting Documentation.

We attach to our presentation Certificate of Current Exemption and Institutional Folder.

Without another particular, and being available for any questions, we cordially greet you.

Did you make a donation?

Spring Forest


Demonstrates an active commitment to the environment, which improves the public image of companies and institutions.

Strengthening of environmental management and compensation certificate for carbon dioxide generated

Value enhancement of underutilized public and private territorial spaces.

Actively collaborate in stopping climate change

Enhances positive differentiation from the competition.

Communicates an active development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Environmental Partners

In 2018 we started an awareness campaign about the importance of afforestation in Santa Fe.  We identified mother plants for seed collection, promoted a forestry production campaign and  of plantation in the localities of Rafaela, Villa Allende and Estación Clucellas.

Today, our next objective is to establish a three-layer forest curtain, using 5,000 trees, in the section of Route 19 that corresponds to the entire Mi Granja ejido. The main objective of this initiative is to prevent road accidents caused by high-speed winds and suspended dust, as well as to improve the conditions for the development of activities for the Industrial Park and the Municipality.

This action will take  carried out through Alliances with various Environmental Partners, being local companies with environmental responsibility part of them, which will allow them to start their conversion  to "Triple Impact Companies" or "B", obtaining great benefits ranging from tax to institutional.

We propose you to be part of our Environmental Partners by collaborating with this local initiative, which we carry out in conjunction with the Municipality, and with the institutional support of the Provincial Environment Secretariat.


Our foundation has the Current Exemption Certificate (which includes the express authorization of the AFIP of subsection “F” of article 81 of the Income Law).  This means that, as a company, you can contribute with your economic contribution to help us achieve our objectives and thus have a tax benefit.

Their contribution  be  deductible from your tax balance for Income Tax,  according to the conditions that the law imposes on us. We propose with this, that you maximize the benefits of your company, redirecting your expenses but also complying with the current law.

Beneficios impositivos



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