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About us

We are a non-profit foundation that operates under a solidary network logic, originated in the city of Rafaela in 2016, and we are currently expanding from there to a national scope. Through multiple comprehensive actions, the specific objective of the institution is to add value to the good use and exploitation of natural resources, respecting the natural ecosystem and its diversity.

Throughout our history as a foundation, we have been finding our creed and mission: To be more aware every day of the power we have over climate change , the use of natural resources and promote continuous research into alternative energies .

Our values: service, commitment and solidarity.

Fulfilled projects

food Bank

This project was generated to provide a solution to an immediate need of the vulnerable sectors of the city of Rafaela. Until 2019 we were receiving different types of food, which we delivered to different institutions, analyzing the situations of each organization. Donations were received regularly from companies and individuals that were later rationed and distributed to more than 60 institutions in the city. In the course of 2019, more than 100 tons of food were distributed, working together with formal and informal institutions and having Sucesores, a company owned by Mr. Alfredo Williner, as its main business support, which had a conditioned truck with a weekly load of donations. .

Carpentry and blacksmithing

These undertakings gave support to previous projects and to the integral maintenance of the Foundation. Training in carpentry and blacksmithing was carried out, selling the products manufactured later.

Agroecological garden

Agroecological garden
Includes activities related to the installation and treatment of agroecological gardens. The healthy non-GMO products that we help produce are marketed to cover the expenses incurred (seeds, irrigation hoses, germination containers, etc.). We promote agroecology, a type of agriculture that is based on the application of the concepts and principles of ecology in the design, development and management of sustainable agricultural systems. It bases its roots on the production of food respecting the cycles and limits of the ecosystem, including also the social environment. Our initiative aims to be a transformative proposal, which proposes modes of production, profound changes in the way of devising it, and consumption that respects the natural and social diversity of local ecosystems, ensuring sustainability. The premise that we handle is supportive, community, local, ecosystemic in its view. Among the benefits of having a garden at home are eating healthier, improving your health, using products without chemicals, and the fact that you respect and connect with nature.

Alternative energies

We seek to promote alternatives to generate energy with the least possible environmental impact, avoiding contamination of the air, water and soil involved in that production.

lombrices coompost.jpg
Vermiculture and composting

The objective of this project is to achieve the use of organic waste at the source of origin, to reduce its quantity and help in the recomposition of the soil.

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