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What's the plan?
Once a month and together with a group of volunteers, we will clean the banks of the Cululucito canal, with the aim of generating awareness and visibility of the problem of waste in the river.


We propose to carry out, within the framework of the environmental remediation activities that we carry out in the Province of Santa Fe, a monthly meeting to begin cleaning the Cululucito River. The objective:  generate visibility on the problem of discarded waste in the river and promote environmental awareness through calls to clean it up.

The path of environmental management is arduous, but, working together, we can change the natural environment of the region for the better.

There is more information about the proposal

Why collaborate?
We firmly believe that private actions lead to transformation as a society. By collaborating with us, you contribute a grain of sand to the change in the global perspective on the current environmental problem and how it should be addressed.

What can I do to collaborate?
You can sign up as a volunteer in our initiatives that require it, or you can make a monetary contribution without a minimum or maximum amount to help us carry out our environmental actions.

If you came this far and you are convinced by our idea, you can help us!

Or collaborate with a donation:

With this project we cover the following
Sustainable Development Goals:

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